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Natural Reserves

Sainte-Anne islands
The nature reserve is in the south-east of Martinique, on the Atlantic coast and in the municipality of Sainte-Anne. It covers 4 coral limestone islands less than a kilometre from the Pointe Baham off the Bay of the English2.
Landing on the islands is prohibited. People are strictly prohibited from entering the reserve or a 50 metre perimeter around all the islands Hardy, Burgeaux, Percé and Poirier.
La Caravelle peninsula (RNN29) is a national nature reserve located in Martinique. Classified in 1976, it has a surface area of 388 hectares and protects La Caravelle peninsula.

Information valid on all protected sites:
A Nature Reserve means that its fauna and flora are protected. Under water, there are a few recommendations to follow for a wonderful sub-aquatic excursion.
– be careful with your flippers amongst the corals. They are fragile and break easily. Stay flat and only put your flippers down on sandy ground.
– do not touch the animals you encounter, especially those which are dangerous: rays, lionfish, barracudas and lemon sharks. As for turtles and dolphins, give them space and observe them without touching or feeding them.
– coral skeletons washed up on the beach as well as shells deserve to be here more than in your pocket. So leave them where you find them and with erosion they will become sand over time.
– on land too, try to just observe. Iguanas can be approached quite easily and will even pose for photo! Don’t try and touch them.
As for the plants, they are also protected, so don’t touch.
Enjoy your visit

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